Paroles et musique Zazie.

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Red lights on the skyscrapers
Snow white all over
Smoky pipes spitting out dirty waters

Daybreak in one hour
Lost clouds, nightmarish shadows
Coming from the dark like black widows

Walking backwards, and endless fall
Makes me loose control I'm a snowball
Children at school
Candies in their mouth Blue swimming pools

Facing the south Golden countries
Inhabited by fairies
Moonlight fading in the rising sun

No need to fight, i'm out of the run
I'm loosing control

I'm a snowball

No use to stay, I run away
Tomorrow will be same as today
It's high time for me to make it
But it's hard time to face No use to stay,
I run away Why should I stay ?

What could they say ?
It's time for me to break the wall

I'm a snowball

Dad hits mum Mum hates dad
Family's done Growing up sad
Dad is fool Mum is crying
Deep in my soul

Something's breaking
Dad has stopped To hurt mum
A strange shot
When dad is gone
Mummy's head Leaning over

Dad is dead

Game over

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